Highlighting Holtzapffel Ingenuity


Firm & Factory Addresses

Holtzapffel & Co. offices and sales stores were located in London at:

Date:   Location:
1794–1811   118 Long Acre
1812–1820   10 Cockspur Street
1821–1901   64 Charing Cross
1902–1907   13 & 14 New Bond Street
1907–1930   53 Haymarket, S. W.
1931   79 Wigmore Street
1932–1956   61 Baker Street

Holtzapffel & Co. factories were located in London at:

Date:   Location:
1828–1897   127 Long Acre
1898–1914   11a Sharpleshall, Sharpleshall Rd., Regent's Park Rd.
1915–1938   Eglon Mews, Berkley Road, Regent's Park Rd.
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The Holtzapffel shop and factory had several locations over the many generations they were in business. The shop pictured to the right was located at 64 Charing Cross and in place for 80 years, the longest of any of the locations.

The last lathe produced by Holtzapffel was made in 1913-14 and sold in November 1928. Subsequently, the lathe business was given up, the stock sold off, and the firm became a common retail shop along with a sub-contracting engineering business. In 1938, this business was taken over by Sharpleshall Ltd., also known as Sharples Hall Works, and was located at Regent's Park Road.

From 1932-1956, an associate firm that primarily produced model railway equipment conducted business as Walkers & Holtzapffel (Walker was Budd's brother-in-law) and was also known simply as Walkers during the period 1929-1931.