A catalog and history of Holtzapffel lathes


Historical Documents

A collection of historical documents related to Holtzapffel.


Company Documents

  • Indenture dated 1794 between John Jacob Holtzapffel and Francis Rousset for the term of seven years. (Guildhall Library)
  • A complete room by room inventory of the firm, dated 26th December 1800. 18 pages. (Guildhall Library MS 9475) See SOT Bulletin 73:104-7 and 119:136-7 for more information.
  • Indenture between Holtzapffel and Deyerlein, dated 1st October 1804, includes a number of other staff and details on the rental of the premises. (Guildhall Library)
  • Record of insurance, dated 28 June 1810, from Sun Fire Office to Messrs Holtzapffel and Deyerlein, 10 Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, engine lathe and tool makers. (Guildhall Library MS 11936/451/846320)
  • Instructions for the shopman at 64 Charing Cross, covering in great detail the cleaning, warehousing, receipt and dispatch of goods, accounting, and all other matters relating to the business. Prepared by J. J. Holtzapffel. Lists production machinery and tools, names of operators, raw materials, tools for sale, work in progress, and finished lathes.
  • Various leases on the properties at 126 and 127 Longacre some with detailed plans, and other properties in Chapel Court. The period covered by these leases is from the 1820's to the 1890's. (Guildhall Library) See SOT 73:104-7 for more information
  • Receipt for rent on premises at 64, Charing Cross Road, dated 1830. Reproduced in SOT Bulletin 109:141.
  • Register of Holtzapffel Lathes, circa 1835. Large format volume incorporates information from earlier company records, intended to record all significant items of production, but almost entirely comprised of lathe sales. (Guildhall Library MS 21518) For more information, see SOT Bulletin 119:136-7.
  • Sale document concerning property held by the Holtzapffel's in Pitcher Court, in the parish of St-Stephen Coleman, purchased in 1822 and disposed of in 1836. (Guildhall Library)
  • Holtzapffel customers journal, dated 1892–1897, containing accounts for sales, repairs, etc. of lathes, machinery and tools. (Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections, Reference: GB237/Gen.879F-882F)
  • Register of lathes made, cash book, family and business papers, etc. 1786-1928. (Guildhall Library, MSS 21515-33)


  • Receipted bill from Holtzapffel & Deyerlein, Lathe and Engine Makers, Long Acre, dated June 1807, to Hon. Mr. [Henry] Verney for miscellaneous items. (Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive, DR 98/1654/246)
  • Receipted bill from Holtzapffel & Deyerlein, dated 17 June 1814, to Hon. Mr. [Henry] Verney for vices. (Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive, DR 98/1654/282)
  • Holtzapffel ledgers F, H, and K, dated 1811–1822. (Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections, Reference: GB237/Gen.879F-882F)
  • Holtzapffel's cash book for the years 1826–1827. (Guildhall Library)
  • Various tradesmens' bills from firms dealing in ironwork, emery, timber, japaning, ivory and tortoiseshell etc. (Guildhall Library)
  • A series of accounts from Holtzapffel & Co. Charing Cross, London to I. E. Oldfield for the purchase of a Lathe No 2372 (£460) and other tools associated with Wood Turning. [Circa 17 December 1884] (Herefordshire Record Office, J38/A/64 1884-1895)
  • Bundle of receipts from Holtzapffel and Co. for payments from I. I. Oldfield. [No date, but presumably associated with lathe purchase circa 17 December 1884] (Herefordshire Record Office, J38/A/65)


  • 1885, 6th May, No. 5570. Apparatus for ornamental turning and shaping. George William Budd of 127, Long Acre, Middx. The specification refers to the Rose Engine Chuck.
  • 1885, 26th May, No. 6389. Apparatus for rose turning and shaping. George William Budd, The specification describes a Rose Engine Chuck with the addition of a pumping action, built into the chuck, for use on a lathe not fitted with a traversing mandrel.
  • 1889, 28th December, No. 2136. Automatic segment stops and silent driving apparatus for lathes and other machines. John Jacob Holtzapffel and George William Budd. The specification refers to the automatic driving apparatus described in Holtzapffel & Co's "Some notes on the Rose Chuck" pages 6 and 7, fig.2.

Litigation Records

  • Tapster v. Holtzapffel and others by their guardian testator or intestate: Holtzapffel, Charles. 1847. (The National Archives, Kew)
  • Holtzapffel v. Chapman. 1852. (The National Archives, Kew)

Trade Directories

Personal Documents

  • John Jacob Holtzapffel's church attendance certificate for 1788 in Strasbourg. (Guildhall Library)
  • Deyerlein's passports. (Guildhall Library)
  • John Jacob Holtzapffel's denization papers from Alsace. 11 October 1827. (The National Archives, Kew)
  • Capt. John George Holtzapffel's personal files from the First World War. Date range: 1915–1916. Inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces. (The National Archives, Kew)

Census Records

  • United Kingdom 1851 Census

Register of Births, Marriages, Deaths, & Wills

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