A catalog and history of Holtzapffel lathes

The Catalog of Holtzapffel Lathes

In 2008 and 2009 we attempted to build this project, however we did not garner enough support to go forward. If you are aware of any public or private grants that might support this research and publication, please contact us with details.

Here's what you would find included in each lathe listing (if known) of the online version of The Catalog of Holtzapffel Lathes:


  • For each ownership: (*except current owner – see note below)
    • Date Acquired
    • Location Acquired
    • Purchase Price
    • Auction Info (if applicable)
    • Owner
    • Location
    • Country
    • Related Details
    • *Holtzapffel lathe owners' privacy is assured: for current owners, no names or other private information will be listed and until the lathe changes ownership only the country where the lathe currently resides is displayed.


  • Current inventory:
    • Condition
    • Lathe Type
    • Center Height
    • Equipment inventory comprised of more than 50 items, including: Wood Frame, Metal Frame, Treadle / Flywheel, Overhead, Overhead Pulleys, Backboard Chest, Under Table Cabinet / Drawers, Dividing Plate / Number of Rows, Starwheel, Hobs, Segment Apparatus, Ornamental Sliderest, Metal Sliderest, Curvilinear Apparatus, Hand Rest Pedestal & Tee, Boring Collar / Stand, Tailstock, Triptych / Diptych, Slope-top / Flat-top box of cutters, Sliderest tools (handled), Sliderest tools (unhandled), UCF Cutters, ECF Cutters, Drills, Vertical Cutting Frame, Horizontal Cutting Frame, Universal Cutting Frame, Drill Cutting Frame, Eccentric Cutting Frame, Internal Cutting Frame, Ellipse Cutting Frame, Epicycloidal Cutting Frame, Rose Cutting Frame, Eccentric Chuck, Ellipse Chuck & Cam Ring, Apparatus for Equal Division of the Ellipse, Spherical / Dome Chuck, Rectilinear Chuck, Rose Chuck / Rosette Holding Chuck, Geometric Chuck, Straightline Chuck, Oblique Chuck, Die Chuck, Multi-Jaw Self-Centering Chuck, Multi-Jaw Independent Chuck, Metal Cup Chucks, Metal Spring Chucks, Wood Spring Chucks, Faceplates, Spiral Apparatus, Dividing Chuck for Spiral Apparatus, Surface Spiral Apparatus, Reciprocator, Spherical Sliderest, Geometric Sliderest, Goniostat, Spindle Motor, Cutting Frame Motor, Other
    • Equipment Mismatched
    • Equipment Missing
    • Related Info
  • Photos (if available)
  • Video (if available)

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