A catalog and history of Holtzapffel lathes


Factory Signatures

The following illustrates the various Holtzapffel signatures during the 137 years they were in business.

Changes in signature text:

1794–1803   John Holtzapffel, London
1804–1827   Holtzapffel & Deyerlein (also H&D)
1828–1922   Holtzapffel & Co.
1923–1938   Holtzapffel & Co. Ltd.

Changes in signature style:
(all dates below are approximate and serve only as a very rough guide)

1794–1827   Hand engraved in ornate style on brass and bronze.
Stamped for name marks on iron, numerals on brass.
1828–1869   Hand engraved (less ornate style than previously).
Stamped for various items (straight, circular, oval).
1870–1938   Machine engraved.


Hand engraved (square, c. 1804-1827)

Hand engraved (headstock, c. 1836)

Hand engraved (chuck, c. 1845)

Hand engraved (goniostat)

Hand engraved (headstock, c. 1846)

Hand engraved (turning tool)

Hand engraved (chuck, c. 1900)

Hand stamped (tools)

Oval stamp (set square)

Circular stamp (steel caliper)

Machine engraved (headstock, c.1903)

Machine engraved (blade)


Unusual style

  • Art Deco engraved style seen on carrier for pumping rosettes
  • Old English / Gothic stamped style seen on steel squares

Incorrect spelling:

  • Headstock No. 1587: "Holtzapfel"
  • Sliderest from early 1800s: "Holtzapfel"
  • Early 1800s saw blade for treadle saw: "Holtzapfel"

For additional information and examples, see SOT Bulletin 116:28-29 – "Engraving and Stamping of Holtzapffel Names" by John Edwards.

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