A catalog and history of Holtzapffel lathes


Other Apparatus

To complement their lathes, Holtzapffel & Co. manufactured a variety of ornamental turning apparatus, tools, and materials.

Numerous chucks, cutting frames, cutters, slide rests, and more are detailed in their trade catalogue. Less known items, such as Torrens' Milling Attachment are pictured, along with a detailed explanation. Also shown are the grinding apparatus, sawing apparatus, and a variety of other tools.

In addition, the catalogue contains many illustrations detailing the "powers" of the ornamental cutting frames and chucks. A complete price list of lathes and apparatus is provided at the back of the catalogue.

Holtzapffel trade catalogue, circa 1907-1928


Other Tools

In addition to turning apparatus, Holtzapffel & Co. manufactured other tools for the mechanical arts, including tools chests, dressing cases, drawing and measuring instruments, printing presses, as well as more utilitarian items, such as garden tools, razor knives, and more.

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