A catalog and history of Holtzapffel lathes


Sources & Acknowledgements

The information provided by Holtzapffel lathe owners is gratefully acknowledged, with particular thanks to John Edwards, Jon Sauer, Richard Boughton, and the Society of Ornamental Turners.

Special thanks to all thepoint.com contributors who will make The Catalog of Holtzapffel Lathes a reality.

Primary sources for The Catalog of Holtzapffel Lathes and this website include:

The Pedigree of Holtzapffel Lathes, W. G. Ogden, 1986.

Turning and Mechanical Manipulation, vol. 5 – The Principles and Practice of Ornamental Or Complex Turning, by John Jacob Holtzapffel, 1894. View on Google Books or Purchase from Amazon

Turning and Mechanical Manipulation, vol. 4 – Hand Or Simple Turning: Principles and Practice, John Jacob Holtzapffel, 1881. View on Google Books, Download from Internet Archive, or Purchase on Amazon

Society of Ornamental Turners Bulletins. Visit SOT website

Christies Auction Catalogues (South Kensington)


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